PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 07 September 2023

Sublimation team jerseys for every athlete.

Sport shirts from SDX Group are perfect for running, playing soccer, or basketball. They are made from lightweight, thermally active, quick-drying material.

PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 07 September 2023

Better visibility means greater safety

Runners, cyclists, and rollerbladers must be highly visible in traffic, especially in low-visibility conditions. Reflective ACCESSORIES are the solution for them. They convince every athlete because they are small, lightweight, practical, and most importantly, highly visible!

TRADE FAIRS | 06 September 2023

The Taropak packaging trade fair is just three weeks away!

The packaging industry is rapidly evolving, providing innovative solutions and technologies that impact every aspect of our lives. You will be able to see this for yourself at the upcoming Taropak Trade Fair, which will take place from September 27th to 29th. It is one of the most important events for professionals in the packaging industry.

TRADE FAIRS | 06 September 2023

The Marketing Festival is just next week! Registration is ongoing.

Free registration is open for visitors to the 15th edition of the Marketing Festival, which will take place next week on September 13-14 at EXPO XXI Warsaw.

PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 05 September 2023

All dothat products are available online.

The dothat brand offers a range of personalized products that can be used for various industries and occasions. In response to customer needs, it has prepared a comprehensive knowledge center about its offerings.

PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 04 September 2023

Sportswear for the team!

Jett Studio is here to help with custom sports uniforms for your team! You can have the team logo on each one and rock them during the game!

TRADE FAIRS | 31 August 2023

POS STARS 2023 Competition Jury Members

During the celebratory 15th edition of the POS STARS competition for the best advertising displays, taking place on the 13th and 14th of September during the Festiwal Marketingu trade fair, the JURY will consist of:

TRADE FAIRS | 30 August 2023

International, Multisector B2B Trade Fair - Readystockfair at the National Stadium in Warsaw

On October 11-12, 2023, a unique International Multisector B2B Trade Fair - Readystockfair will take place at the National Stadium in Warsaw. This event gathers representatives from various industries across Europe, showcasing wide business opportunities and inspiring solutions.

TRADE FAIRS | 29 August 2023

Marketing Festival – Premieres from Media and Machinery Suppliers

In just 2 weeks, on September 13-14, the Marketing Festival trade fair will take place. Representatives from the broad spectrum of advertising and printing will showcase novelties and premieres during the event, including media and machinery suppliers

TRADE FAIRS | 25 August 2023

Registration is ongoing for the 15th edition of the International Advertising and Printing Fair - Marketing Festival

The event will take place on September 13-14, 2023, at EXPO XXI Warsaw. The event features over 210 exhibitors, nearly 600 brands, thousands of inspirations, industry contests including SUPER GIFT, GOLD MEDAL, POS STARS. Demonstrations and machine premieres will also be showcased. A wide range of offerings from media and machinery suppliers for the advertising sector, textile printing, …

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