PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 22 September 2023

Allroundo ECO - Different Than All the Rest

NEW! The Allroundo ECO cable by Vonmählen connects all-in-one to all popular devices, charging quickly, and instantly TRANSFERRING DATA.

TRADE FAIRS | 22 September 2023

Festival of Inspiration - 15th Edition of the Marketing Festival Behind Us

3,700 visitors and 220 exhibitors, 2 days of marketing inspiration, nearly 700 votes in industry competitions, and the Exhibitors Gala with the presentation of POS STARS and Gold Medal awards. We summarize the International Advertising and Printing Fair - the Marketing Festival.

INDUSTRY ARTICLE | 21 September 2023

The Partnership of Softarchitect and PIAP

SoftArchitect, a provider of innovative solutions for social and market research, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products (PIAP). The aim of this collaboration is to develop innovative research methods, techniques, and tools.


DevaGroup Free Webinar - Let's Talk About Marketing

The next free DevaGroup webinar - Let's Talk About Marketing - will take place online on September 21st.

PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 20 September 2023

Premiere Presentations of the EPSON SureColor SC-F2200 Printer

For all those wondering if direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology or DTF printing can be suitable for expanding their business scope, as well as those who want to have full control over the quality and execution of orders for customers instead of outsourcing them, invites you to explore the possibilities offered by the Epson SureColor SC-F2200 hybrid printer.

PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 19 September 2023

AWIH has introduced eco-friendly and cost-effective wine packaging into its regular production

AWIH's cardboard wine packaging is an excellent choice for both wine enthusiasts looking to send their favorite beverages to loved ones and for wine-selling businesses that prioritize safe and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

RESEARCH | 19 September 2023

Industry Research

The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products, PIAP, invites you to participate in two surveys that will shed light on the promotional products industry as an effective marketing tool and discuss its prospects in the face of economic changes - 2023 edition.

MEMBERS | 19 September 2023

Meet the printed catalog of Joomp

The European and Polish versions of the JOOMP catalog showcase products and services from suppliers in the promotional items market. Both independent editions serve as valuable sources of inspiration for advertising agencies seeking the latest trends in the industry.

PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 18 September 2023

Creative customization of calendars by DoThat.

How to make the personalization of book calendars unique? DoThat has the answer and presents an elastic band pin for calendars and notebooks according to an individual design.

TRADE FAIRS | 08 September 2023

The winners of the Golden Medal at the Festiwal Marketingu trade fair have been announced.

The jury of the competition has selected the winners of this year's edition of the Golden Medal competition, which took place during the Festiwal Marketingu trade fair. You can see all the awarded entries in the Golden Medal competition HERE.

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