TRADE FAIRS | 10 January 2024

PIAP at the promotional products trade fair PSI in Dusseldorf.

The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products (PIAP) is participating in the prestigious European promotional products trade fair PSI, taking place from January 9th to 11th in Düsseldorf, Germany. PSI is one of the most significant industry events in Europe, bringing together professionals from the promotional products, advertising gadgets, and promotional textiles sectors.


Custom lace tips from DoThat.

Textile accessories are a crucial part of customizing promotional clothing. It's important that, beyond promoting a brand, they become a creative and fashionable addition to one's wardrobe. This is exactly what the brand DoThat offers in the form of lace tip covers.


Energy always at your fingertips!

JettStudio's power bank ensures that your device never runs out of battery. With its compact size and high capacity, you can take it anywhere and never worry about running out of energy.

TRADE FAIRS | 09 January 2024

Visit the JOOMP booth at PSI!

On Tuesday, January 9th, PSI trade fair kicks off, one of the biggest industry events throughout the year. During the fair, visitors will have the opportunity to meet leading exhibitors from the advertising industry. The JOOMP team will also be present at the trade fair, and our booth will offer plenty of attractions for the attendees.

RESEARCH | 04 January 2024

Polish Chamber of Promotional Products investigates the promotional articles industry.

The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products (PIAP) conducted research on the promotional products industry in Poland and published two reports: 'The Condition of the Promotional Products Industry in Poland' and 'Promotional Gifts as a Marketing Tool.' These are the first studies dedicated entirely to the promotional products industry in Poland.

MEMBERS | 03 January 2024

Anchor your idea for unique lock charms.

The zipper pull can also serve as a customizable element for promotional clothing. The brand 'dothat' offers unique charms designed for the fastenings of hoodies, jackets, or backpacks.

INDUSTRY ARTICLE | 28 December 2023

"The Marketer's Toolkit 2024" - Catalog of Services and Products of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles

With pride, we announce the release of our latest catalog - 'The Marketer's Toolkit 2024' in the online version. This compendium of knowledge gathers information about services and products offered by companies affiliated with the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products. Dedicated to marketing professionals, it becomes an invaluable source of inspiration and information in the field of promotional articles.


Prices may be lower!

In today's dynamic world, we are accustomed to sudden price hikes. But are we ready for a price drop?


Glass markers as an addition to the party

Dothat suggests using glass markers as a creative, personalized addition that will come in handy during various events: festive gatherings, New Year's celebrations, and corporate parties.

TRADE FAIRS | 15 December 2023

Joomp catalogues at trade fair 2024

Joomp's printed catalogues are the cheapest form of promotion, but guarantee suppliers year-round promotion and exposure to agencies across Europe. In the near future, the catalogues will already be in the hands of visitors at four major trade fairs.

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