The ART OF COLOR Leaders Meeting and Golden Gryphon Gala are scheduled to take place at the end of November in Poznań.

Organized by the MTP Group, the ART OF COLOR Leaders Meeting will take place on November 28, 2023, at Iglica within the premises of the Poznań International Fair. The event is co-organized by the Polish Chamber of Printing and the Polish Brotherhood of Knights of Gutenberg. The conference will be accompanied by the Golden Gryphon Gala.


During the meeting, both national and international experts will present trends and solutions that must respond to the rapidly changing expectations of consumers, legislators, and institutional clients. Practitioners gathered at the event will examine the industry in terms of economic efficiency, providing an opportunity for the exchange of experiences: where and how to promote products and services, and where to find inspiration, advice, and assistance.

The event's program will cover topics such as the assessment of the economic situation in Poland, the region, and globally; investment opportunities for Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in terms of opportunities for Polish printers and converters; innovations in the printing and packaging industry; family foundations and other tax-related issues; and the role of ERP in the Circular Economy. Two panel discussions, one focusing on education and the other on technology, will also take place during the meeting.

The conference portion will conclude with the Golden Gryphon Gala, the largest and oldest competition in Poland covering the entire spectrum of printing production. The competition is organized by the Polish Chamber of Printing.

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