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PromoTron Solutions S.A.
Bratislavska 1529/21
Prague 10, 102 00
Czech Republic

Tel. + 420 295 562 067
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Joey Hartl tel: + 420 295 562 067 e-mail: josef@promotron.com

The software tools of PromoTron Solutions S.A. accelerates processes in the advertising industry. Using of those software solutions transfers a large portion of the processes, necessary for the execution of orders, from the agency to the automated platform. Agencies will so save time and costs on the graphic design and IT departments. PromoTron Solutions S.A. has been founded primarily in reaction to the long-term demand of promotional good's sellers and advertising agencies for interactive software tools that would simplify the complicated preparation of graphic data, product configuration and proofs of processed logotypes.

The basic services are TronLogo and TronDesigner.
The TronLogo is an automated branding and logo placing software tool on promotional products in pre-defined zones intended for print. The TronDesigner is an on-line 3D configurator designed to create your own model of various promotional products.

We also provide the TronShop e-shop platform created especially for the sellers of promotional goods.

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