About the Chamber:

Apart from a number of advantages resulting from the taken measures, the membership in PIAP is primarily the prestige of being in the elite group of companies, which have the great clout of shaping the development of the marketing products' industry.

The PIAP certificate, which is received by each member, is a guarantee of the high quality of provided services, reliability and credibility of the company.

The PIAP logo, however, constitutes a great commercial value and is protected by all members of the Chamber. It is associated with reliability and a professionally prepared offer, as well as with the execution of the services at a high level.

Join us

The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products was established in 2007. On the voluntary basis, it brings together business entities dealing with services and manufacture of the marketing products, import, and also companies functioning as advertising agencies.

At present, it numbers more than 180 members, who are the companies of the private sector and Polish departments of foreign groups, and the range of services they offer includes all types of the marketing products available in the market. The largest and the most important companies of the groups of the marketing products' distributors and manufacturers, but also advertising agencies, exhibition organisers and the opinion-forming industry media are affiliated in the Chamber. The membership of the companies with high economic potential allows the Chamber for strong lobbying in aid of the development and shaping of the marketing products' industry.

Shaping the industry

The PIAP activity is multidirectional. Its most important task is fulfilling the statutory duties, representing, and protection of the economic dealings of the affiliated companies, in the broad sense of the word. The comprehensible help in solving current problems of running a business is also included. The Chamber has undertaken the cooperation with experts in various fields, who reply to letters and provide basic advice on the websites. The opinions and positions, which were developed in this way, are representative for the entire sector. The widely available training activity on the issues connected with the marketing products' sector, which is conducted by PIAP, also raises the level of education of people working in the industry.

The taken measures contribute to the implementation of the main objectives and tasks. On the national scene, the Chamber strives for treating the marketing products as an important and effective marketing tool, and the related expenditures are considered as a constant and crucial point in the budgets of the companies. Moreover, it conducts the image and information campaigns as presented on the pages of the opinion-forming media. It also takes part in the struggle for adapting the Polish tax law to the needs related to running an efficient business.

Furthermore, since 2012, the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products has been a Member of the National Chamber of Commerce.

International cooperation

The Chamber is a reliable partner of cooperation with similar organisations in Europe, and because of that, it creates its members favourable conditions for searching new markets, as well as expanding commercial relations and development. It has established relations with the European Promotional Products Association (EPPA), and cooperates with associations, like Promota in England and Promoturk – a rapidly growing organisation in Turkey.

PIAP members have the possibility to take part, on the preferential rules, in international exhibitions, and they are regularly informed about the latest trends in the world.
Services of the Polish companies, affiliated with us, are promoted throughout the country and in the international arena with the aid of the PIAP Catalogue.

Credible patronage

PIAP sponsors many promotional events of the national importance, such as: Rem Days, Euro-Advertising, Marketing, Print and Packages Festival, Lifestyle Expo, Event Exhibitions, OneDay RoadShow. The organisers of these events, who are PIAP members, are willing to offer preferential conditions for the companies affiliated with the association.

Our motto is "Together we can do more"

Mission of the Chamber:

The Association's mission is a friendly stimulation of the marketing products' development and the creation of legal, organisational and economic conditions for the effective functioning of the entities operating in this market, and finally, supporting the activities aimed at popularising the marketing product in the marketing activity sector.


1. Formation and development of the communicative platform between the group of manufacturers/distributors/importers of the marketing products and the advertising agencies;
2. Raising the level of education among the PIAP members and all companies operating in the marketing products' sector;
3. Building the image of the marketing product as an effective tool in the marketing activities of companies