Gifts straight from the heart - Valentine's inspirations with the brand DoThat.

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to express love to your brand. DoThat comes with product suggestions that can be customized to match the brand's style while also giving them a sweet Valentine's Day twist.


Gifting clients, employees, or business partners is one of the primary objectives of the promotional products industry. Valentine's Day can be a great opportunity to say 'I can't go on without you!' That's why the DoThat brand has prepared inspirations for promotional products with a Valentine's Day theme.

Shoelace Covers

Heart-shaped shoelace covers can come in any color and texture, with the brand logo or chosen slogan printed on them. The product can be ordered in several different designs, with dedicated packaging and included shoelaces.

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Glass Markers

Heart-shaped markers are a product that can be double-sided printed, allowing for different textures, colors, logos/slogans, and finishes on each print. When ordering glass markers, you can compose a set with any number of markers, accompanied by personalized packaging.

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Eco-watering can

A plant watering attribute in a Valentine's Day theme is an original gift idea. Its base color and print, as well as marking around the thread and on the top flat surface, can be customized. The eco-watering can comes with an individual packaging box with instructions for applying and using the gadget.

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