Promotional winter hat made from biodegradable TENCEL material – perfect protection on cooler days.

Model #3012 - a promotional winter hat made from biodegradable TENCEL material. A product that will perfectly suit colder days. Hat #3012 is not only a fashionable item but also environmentally friendly, complying with the latest standards of sustainable production.


The fabric TENCEL™, also known as Lyocell, is produced from wood cellulose, giving it unique properties. In the manufacturing process, similar to producing viscose, fibers are obtained from dissolved cellulose pulp. What sets TENCEL™ apart is the use of eco-friendly solutions in the fiber washing process. Without the use of toxic substances, they are replaced with organic ones, resulting in minimal environmental impact.

The main advantages of the winter hat made from TENCEL™ include:

- Construction from natural nanofibers: The hat is exceptionally lightweight and durable due to its structure of natural nanofibers.

- Excellent thermal regulation: The fabric adapts well to body temperature, ensuring comfort even in changing weather conditions.

- Optimal moisture control: Unique moisture regulation properties keep the hat dry even during intensive use.

- Soft structure of smooth fibers: The exceptionally soft and gentle fiber structure ensures comfort throughout the day.

- Suitable for sensitive skin: Skin-friendly, the TENCEL™ hat is an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

- Reduced bacterial development: Thanks to natural resistance to bacterial growth, the hat stays fresh for an extended period.

- No chemical substances: The product is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for both users and the environment.

A winter hat made from biodegradable TENCEL™ is not only an elegant addition to the winter wardrobe but also a conscious choice. By introducing innovative materials like TENCEL™ into the fashion industry, we focus not only on style but also on environmental concern and user comfort.

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