Feel the magic of the holidays with the help of the eco-friendly dothat.

Econewka is an original product from the dothat brand. Together with a plastic bottle, it creates an alternative to the traditional watering can for plants. The product is available in several designs, including holiday-themed variants, which can be a great idea for a gift for employees, clients, or business partners.


Econewka is a cap with a universal thread designed for a plastic bottle. Thanks to centrally placed holes and a thread that fits most plastic bottles, when screwed onto a bottle, it creates an eco-friendly version of a watering can for plants.

The product is reusable and can be screwed onto and unscrewed from the bottle multiple times—one econewka can be used with several bottles of different capacities. Importantly, it is almost entirely customizable.

What holiday designs are available?

The dothat brand offers the econewka in three holiday shapes: a Christmas tree, a snowflake, and a star. Each shape can be customized according to individual preferences—change the print along with slogans, adjust the product color, and decide on embossed text on the edges of the cap.

Econewka in holiday shapes was created with the idea of enhancing experiences related to the holidays. Besides watering indoor plants, it works well for watering a Christmas tree, releasing its scent throughout the room when watered.

How to personalize the econewka from scratch?

In dothat, there is an option to create a specific promotional item entirely from scratch. In this case, the shape, color, print elements, and all econewka details are determined independently. Whether it's the shape of a gingerbread cookie, ornament, or gift—it all depends on the client's imagination and vision.

To order a holiday econewka, contact More information about the product can be found here.

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