MEMBERS | 15 April 2024

PIAP CONNECT is behind us!

On Thursday, April 11th of this year, a networking meeting and internal trade fair under the slogan #PIAP Connect took place, organized by the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles (PIAP). It was the first edition of the event aimed at strengthening the business community affiliated with PIAP.



At the PIAP headquarters in the Red Tower Łódź building located at 148/150 Piotrkowska Street, over fifty representatives of companies affiliated with PIAP gathered for a networking meeting and internal trade fair under the slogan #PIAP Connect. This initiative provided participants not only with networking opportunities and business benefits but also the chance for social engagement.

The event included internal trade fairs, allowing attendees to familiarize themselves with the product offerings of member companies. A significant moment of the day was a meeting with Marek Makowski from the DKMS Foundation and a presentation by Wojciech Wąsowski from 12M, a member of the PIAP board, who shared his experience as a bone marrow donor and talked about the process of registering with DKMS and donating bone marrow. His personal, inspiring, and touching story reminded everyone that anyone can save someone's life. Throughout the day, participants of #PIAP Connect had the opportunity to register as potential bone marrow donors.

#PIAP Connect will be an annual event starting this year, firmly established in our calendar of internal events. Networking meetings are essential for all of us. Not only do we get to know each other and strengthen our bonds, but we also have a positive impact on the world around us. We encourage all companies affiliated with the association to participate in this unique event and contribute to building a strong business community within PIAP. See you next year. Together we can achieve more! – Paweł Wielkopolan, Director of the PIAP Board Office.

The day's program also included a kitchen integration activity, where participants cooked and enjoyed pancakes together! The delicious taste of the pancakes was ensured by the company "Naturalnie z miodem" Pasieka Łysoń, and Falk&Ross provided impeccable kitchen attire.

For more information about participating in future #PIAP Connect meetings, please contact us at


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