A new release from the Kubota brand: Waterproof Velcro sandals with a print.

The Kubota brand has expanded its range of personalized products with a new model of sandals. Waterproof Velcro sandals from Kubota have been added to its portfolio, featuring any custom print chosen by the customer.


The waterproof sandals in black are an entirely new model with a lightweight, contoured sole, ensuring high user comfort. The uppers of the sandals are made from leather-imitating fabric, and the EVA sole is marked with the Kubota brand logo. The sandals are available in a wide size range from 36 to 47.

Kubota offers a customization service, and the logo or graphic chosen by the customer can be placed on the adjustable upper part of the sandal. The waterproof sandals are also available without the Kubota brand logo, differing from the standard model only in the appearance of the sole.

Graphics or motifs, whatever you desire Kubota produces personalized sandals using various marking methods, including DTF printing (multicolor), providing precision in reproducing fine design elements, and Flex foil printing, which works well for single-color prints and stretches with the fabric.

The minimum order quantity for customized sandals is 50 pairs, with a delivery time of no more than 14 business days. Kubota has been offering customization services since 2019, and sandals with any customer-chosen print have proven to be an ideal gadget, given on various occasions to both important clients and company employees.

In recent years, personalized sandals have made their way to well-known and beloved brands such as TikTok, Canon, Costa Coffee, MSI, LOT, KFC.

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