PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 18 September 2023

Creative customization of calendars by DoThat.

How to make the personalization of book calendars unique? DoThat has the answer and presents an elastic band pin for calendars and notebooks according to an individual design.


The personalization of book calendars offers numerous possibilities, starting from choosing the material for the calendar cover, selecting the type of paper and layout inside, and ending with various decorative details and markings. DoThat's proposal is particularly unique because it allows for nearly 100% customization of an additional element for the calendar based on individual preferences.

How can you personalize the elastic band pin for a calendar?

Almost all aspects of the pin's appearance can be personalized, including:

- Shape within specified size limits.

- Color, both for the base product and the print on its top surface.

- A clearly visible and tactile texture created using embossing techniques.

- Customized printing.

- Finishing with options for matte and glossy elements of the print.

Additionally, besides producing the elastic band pins, DoThat offers the option to match them with personalized book calendars. The possibilities for calendar personalization can be found on the website: click the link!

This allows you to create a cohesive, perfectly matched set. Whether it's an elegant calendar with a pin shaped like a logo or a colorful calendar with a modern design and a cover illustrating the owner's hobbies, DoThat can bring any, even the most unconventional, idea to life.

For more information about notebook pins, please visit the DoThat website. Click here to learn more!

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