Another model from the TOP10 series - cap #4012.

The promotional cap #4012 is another offering from Headwear Professionals. Made from breathable Poly Twill material, it ensures comfort even on hot days. Its structured design with 6 panels and a contoured visor guarantees durability and aesthetics. This model is available in a whopping 18 color variants.


- High-Quality Material: The cap is made from breathable Poly Twill material, ensuring comfort even on hot days.

- Sturdy Construction: With a structured design of 6 panels and a contoured visor, cap #4012 not only looks great but also offers durability during use.

- Comfortable Fit: Thanks to the polyester material and contoured visor, this cap provides sun protection and comfort for extended wear.

- Color Variety: Available in 18 colors, cap #4012 offers a wide range of options for individual preferences and brand visual identity.

- Practical Closure: Equipped with a Velcro closure, this cap ensures easy adjustment for different head sizes, making it ideal for everyone.

- Availability: With high inventory levels, cap #4012 is ready for immediate delivery, making it an excellent choice for short-term advertising campaigns.

Cap #4012 is not just a practical accessory but also an effective marketing tool that helps stand out. With its high-quality construction and functionality, it’s an excellent option for companies seeking effective promotional items. More details about this product can be found on the Headwear Professionals website -

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