The donut that won't make you gain weight - discover realistic Dothat keychains with three-dimensional shapes.

The Dothat brand, in addition to its standard flat-shaped products, also offers items with three-dimensional forms, resulting in an incredibly realistic appearance.


Donut Keychain and Other 3D Designs

On the occasion of Fat Thursday, Dothat presents its donut-shaped keychain in a three-dimensional form. The keychain features icing and sprinkles print, and each element has a specific protrusion.

Such three-dimensional shapes can be created with any desired pattern, such as pastries, coffee, cars, or even brand logos. When opting for a 3D keychain, it's important to describe your vision and specify the desired appearance of the gadget. The Dothat team will assist in selecting the optimal product size, creating its design and visualization, and refining the 3D model.

✦ Learn about the process of creating keychains at Dothat

Can other Dothat products be three-dimensional?

Creating products with Dothat primarily involves fulfilling the client's vision and expectations. As a result, products from the Dothat offer, as well as those created on special order, can be personalized and modified almost endlessly.

Visit the website to explore the full range of products and find inspiration to choose the one that best suits your brand's needs.

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