INDUSTRY ARTICLE | 19 September 2023

Industry Research

The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products, PIAP, invites you to participate in two surveys that will shed light on the promotional products industry as an effective marketing tool and discuss its prospects in the face of economic changes - 2023 edition.


Survey 1: Promotional Gifts as a Marketing Tool

In the face of increasing competition in the market, effective marketing strategies are the key to every company's success. Promotional products play an important role here, but what are their real benefits and their impact on the effectiveness of marketing activities? How do marketers plan campaigns, and what are they looking for? We are seeking answers to these questions in our first survey, aimed at the group using promotional gifts in marketing campaigns, including agencies, marketing departments, sales departments, and purchasing departments.

Survey 2: The Promotional Gifts Industry in the Face of Economic Changes - 2023 Edition

The promotional products industry is dynamic, and economic changes affect its functioning. Our second survey focuses on analyzing how the promotional gifts industry responds to the challenges and opportunities arising from current economic changes. The survey is directed at participants in the BTL advertising market.

How to Participate:

To participate in the surveys, simply visit the website and complete the short surveys prepared by the PIAP Educational Council.


The surveys are available until October 6, 2023. The results of both surveys will be published on the PIAP website and shared with the media and industry experts.

The survey is conducted in partnership with Softarchitect, with graphic design by the Ritf agency.

Survey Patrons: Meritum University, Świat Druku, OOH Magazine, Marketer+, SMB, Nowy Marketing, Brief,, GJC, joomp, Marketing przy kawie, Klub Kobiet Biznesu, Law Business Quality, Warto Znać, Kuchnia Marketera.

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