3 (THREE - strong) most interesting print materials - foils with strong adhesives.

Marketers commissioning the production of large-format advertisements to agencies and printing houses are increasingly seeking effective solutions for use in image and branding campaigns and seasonal promotional activities.


On one hand, we hear that it would be good to have foils that facilitate application, allow for multiple sticking and peeling, and on the other hand, they want the application to be very durable. The problem then becomes the atypical surface on which the advertisement is to be applied or the conditions in which this application will function (surface condition, daily temperature fluctuations). This makes customers wonder if it is even possible to creatively use a challenging surface for an eye-catching application, especially in difficult conditions.

Out of approximately 10 products from API.PL's offering dedicated to challenging applications, we have selected 3 that we believe are the most versatile and recommendable. Feel free to check out our recommendations.

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