Code of conduct:

1. A PIAP member proudly represents his/her industry both in the home country and beyond its borders.

2. A PIAP member is a role model for the industry and its , but also in terms of social relations.

3. A PIAP member strives for the development of his/her company, as well as improvement of its organisation.

4. A PIAP member strives for improving his/her qualifications.

5. In his/her behaviour, a PIAP member respects the social and ecological environment.

6. A PIAP member, in his/her activity, acts in accordance with the principles of honesty and trading reliability, and always obeys the law and good manners of trade, in particular:

• acts smartly and appliesfair play rules in business,
• fulfils contracts, is reliable, meets deadlines, observes arrangements,
• treats customers, partners, employees, employee organisations, as well as industry associations, and the competition with respect
• takes care of order and good atmosphere both in the company and in his/her surroundings

7. An association's member actively participates in the PIAP works.

8. A PIAP member, in particular, applies to the following rules:

• care of the good name of PIAP,
• solidarity, coming to the colleague's assistance and providing advice to other PIAP members,
• striving for resolving any disputes in an amicable way,
• shaping the PIAP cooperation on the basis of mutual trust, respect and good will.

9. A PIAP member promotes the concept of integration of the marketing products' industry and the cooperation with other industry organisations both in the home country and abroad.

10. A PIAP member is obliged to promote the Association, its activities, and the principles contained in the Code.

11. In the case of violation of the principles contained in the Code, a PIAP member may be expelled from the Association.