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Advertising market

The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products has estimated the marketing products’ sector at more than one billion zloty, two thousands of the BTL companies and about 20 thousands of employees.

The beginnings of the marketing products’ industry were related to the political and economic transformations in Poland in the nineties. The contemporary situation on the market has caused rapid changes, including also the field of advertising. The last fifteen years allowed to observe dynamic development in the gifts advertising sector.

At present, thanks to the PIAP estimates, we can distinguish two thousands of companies, operating within the BTL area, which are actively or indirectly involved in the industry which includes manufacturers, importers, and intermediaries in the sale of the marketing products. It gives the possibility to employ 20 000 people professionally operating in our sector. The number of people connected with the industry is impressive. Analysing the situation of the companies, dealing with the sale of the marketing products in Poland, in terms of the number of employees, we can safely talk about a certain community which has been created over the last few years. As befitted the community in Poland, also the marketing products' industry finally got its self-government. It is the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products, established in October 2006.

Actions aimed at the verification of the existing legal provisions related to the accounts of the marketing products in the costs of the companies' business were considered as the most important. Unfortunately, despite the constantly developing advertising industry related to the gifts, the common awareness of the marketing product as a gadget has a pejorative connotation.  The worrying fact is that the bad emotional character of the term "gadget" found its equivalent in the dictionary terminology – a small, effective item being often a new technology, used for shocking, or amusing someone (Dictionary of the Polish Language by Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, Warsaw 1995). Thus, in the public perception, the marketing products are unfairly regarded as second-class items. A task, which the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products has to face, is building of a positive opinion of the represented industry and the marketing products, which allow the media to change the current image of the marketing products.

A desire to expand not only the practical activity, but also the theoretical knowledge in the field of advertising is another factor indicating the significant development of the marketing products industry. For this purpose, the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products predicted the content-related help, planning the organisation of trainings and interesting symposia. These activities not only deepen the experience in the marketing gifts' industry in Poland gained over the last few years, but also allows to show the sector related to the gifts in a favourable light among other leading sectors of the market.
The constant evolution in the marketing products' industry on the Polish market still continues. More often and more dynamically organised exhibitions, as well as international contacts with other countries are the proof of it. Since 2007, thanks to the upcoming legal regulations concerning the abolition of the current limit of 0.25 %, the marketing products' industry becomes a rightful participant of the advertising market in Poland.
Nowadays, we can already speak about the community of the marketing gifts' industry in Poland. We are certain that thanks to the activities of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products, the situation of this sector in Poland will be much more favourable in the field of regulations, and also the way of reception of this advertising branch, which is so significant for the development of the Polish economy.