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Personality of the Year – Aleksander Gościniak Award

Dear Readers,
The Management Board of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products is pleased to announce that it has appointed the Jury and Aleksander Gościniak Award, which is aimed at the selection and honouring of unique people, who stand out and are characterised by their personality, unique qualities, and shaping the right business attitudes.

We present to you, with great honour, the assumptions and regulation form of  Aleksander  Gościniak Award and encourage you to offer the proposals of candidates, who should win the award, in the PIAP Management Board Office.





Aleksander Gościniak was born on 4 November 1959 in Jarocin. He spent his childhood and early school years in his family village – Chwałkowo Kościelne.
He chose his secondary school and the subject of studies according to his contemporary interest, that is the broadly understood mechanisation.  In the years 1974 - 1979, he attended the Technical School of Agricultural Mechanisation in Poznań. After  graduation, he started education at the University of Technology, Faculty of Machines and Vehicles. He was studying in the turbulent times of political transformations in Poland, which largely influenced the choice of his career.  
After graduating and completing his compulsory military service, he worked for a short time, consistently with his education, in the Cooperative of Rural Transport in Poznań. There were times, when small, private trade companies begun to originate. They were importing products from the Far East, which were impossible to find on the Polish market, including clothes, hair ornaments, stationery, and toys.
After many conversations with friends from the University, he decided to change his career direction, and in 1990, he started to work as a salesman in the company, which today is called Axpol Trading. Usually, a few, or a dozen or so people were working in small, private companies. The effects of work of an employee decided whether a given company survived and developed. From the very beginning, Aleksander was characterised by outstanding commercial, organisational and managerial capabilities, which had an impact on strengthening the position of the Axpol company on the domestic market.  After a short period of time, he was appointed to be a commercial director and, with the help of team of several people, he built the Voyager brand.He also organised numerous exhibition parties, and raised the prestige of the company.  
For many years of work in Axpol, Aleksander Gościniak always identified himself with the company, actively took part in building its position and strengthening of the Voyager brand on the market. He enthusiastically approached all tasks and the challenges emerging every day. He derived the most of joy from contacts with people from the industry, which he got to like and, as he said, was constantly exploring.Moreover, he was always helpful, open, understanding, and able to solve every problem with calm. He claimed that nothing is impossible and he always strived for perfection. He was privately interested in photography and travels, about which he could talk with a smile on his face for hours. That smile accompanying him everyday will remain in the memory of every person who knew him. Aleksander Gościniak left his beloved family and his second home, which was the Axpol Trading company, on 24 August 2011, in Poznań.


Memory of Aleksander Gościniak:

Aleksander Gościniak possessed a rare, natural gift of conversation on every subject, and with every person. Meetings during exhibitions and the personal ones, as well as phone calls on topics related to the private and professional life, and tremendous optimism – it was his showcase. Great calmness and self-control caused that even the most difficult situations and problems, suddenly changed into simple issues.  An excellent intuitive manager. He loved travels. We often talked about art, travels, and our families. The trip with family and friends to Szeged was the last expedition discussed in detail. I talked him into crazy trip to Morocco. He answered – we'll see…. He had an appetite for life – he loved the world, people and his amazing family.
In everyday race, we are searching for such people with whom we can talk about everything.

I had the honour to know Aleksander for a long time. I wish you all meet similar people on your way – Iwona Dulińska –PIAP President

I had the pleasure to know Olek at least 15 years. Over the years, there was never a situation that could cast doubt on his character, as well as the attitude towards people and the way of doing business. For all these years, he always provided advice and did not consider any situation as impossible to solve correctly. His calm, smiling face aroused general trust. His attitude towards work, the competition and cooperating companies was an example of how to act in business, and what rules to follow. Unfortunately, the younger generation of our industry will not have the same luck as we had – they will not learn from Aleksander. I believe that the proposal of the PIAP Management Board related to the appointment of the Jury named after Aleksander Gościniak is fully understandable. We should distinguish outstanding personalities, honest and friendly people. As it was perfectly said by Mr Karol Małyska "Let's show unique people of the industry” – Dariusz Płaczkiewicz, Member of the PIAP Audit Committee

Olek Gościniak embodied all these features, which each of us would like to have – Zdzisław Kałek, Member of the PIAP Audit Committee.