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ANTYHACKER Monika Lewandowska
ul.Wojska Polskiego 20A lok.9C
05-800 Pruszków

Tel. +48 696 740 622
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Monika Lewandowska tel: +48696740622 e-mail: antyhacker@antyhacker.eu
Urszula Olszewska tel: +48696740622 e-mail: antyhacker@antyhacker.eu
Katarzyna Podgórska tel: +48696740622 e-mail: antyhacker@antyhacker.eu

ANTYHACKER introduced in January 2016 a unique promotional promotional product for the Polish market - curtains for ultra-thin web cameras. Practical design, perfect opening and screening using microwaves.
Suitable for all models of monitors, tablets and even the latest computers with multiple cameras and speakers. Antyhacker secures and protects against spying. It's durable and secure against hackers, obscures the camera, protects privacy.
High quality product with perfectly smooth printed surface.
Full color marking on the entire surface of the product.
Antyhacker builds the brand / company image by placing graphics and / or company logos on the product. You no longer need to use stickers or overlays, marking is always visible and with closed and open curtains!
Products are protected by EU and US patent law. ANTYHACKER has exclusive sales in Poland.

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