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EUREKA – protection of industrial property objects

EUREKA – protection of industrial property objects

It is the trademark that is used for communication with a consumer – it is designed to form in a consumer's mind the rapid association of a product and an entrepreneur offering this product. This entrepreneur can be a manufacturer of a product, as well as a trader or just an importer introducing the product to the market. The term "product" also contains a service provided by the entrepreneur. 
Different elements may constitute a trademark. The most popular are word and graphic signs – the so-called logo. However, there are also 3-dimensional marks, as well as sound marks, and marks consisting of a few various categories. A name of the enterprise (company) or the product, that is, a brand, as well as a slogan, advertising melody, and even the characteristic colour may constitute a trademark. A trademark is an important – sometimes the most important – component of the enterprise. After many years of use of a trademark, and expenditures on advertising, it may gain tremendous value. Every year, the value of the most precious trademarks is estimated. For many years, the undisputed leader is "Coca Cola", the trademark of which achieved the value of $ 66 667 million in 2008. In the picture, we present the top ten most valuable trademarks in the world.
Observing these valuations, it is possible to specify which industries have recently the greatest dynamics of growth. Only one bank and one motor company are in the top ten. However, there are also a few companies of the IT sector – computers, software, internet; they achieve the greatest increase in value. The record holder is the "google" brand, the value of which increased by 43% last year.
It is worth taking care of such valuable components of the company – all of these marks are, at the request of their owners, registered in patent offices all around the world.

Paweł Waszak – a patent agent entered in the list of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and in the list of attorneys in Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante, Spain
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